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Milan Abinader
Millan AbiNader, LMSW, PhD
Assistant Professor
Headshot of Jane Abrams
Jane Abrams, DSW, LCSW
Lecturer, DSW Program
Lecturer, MSW Program
Ginneh Akbar
Ginneh Akbar, MSW, DSW
Lecturer, MSW Program
Valerie Dorsey Allen
Valerie Dorsey Allen, MSW, DSW
Lecturer, MSW Program
Obed Headshot
Obed Arango, MSSP, MA Anthropology
Part-Time Lecturer
Sara S. Bachman, Dean of School of Social Policy & Practice at the University of Pennsylvania
Sara S. Bachman, PhD
Edward Ballo
Edward Ballo, DSW, LCSW, MBA
Lecturer, MSW Program
Heather Bense
Heather Bense, DSW, LCSW
Lecturer, MSW Program
Headshot of Dr. Jerri Bourjolly
Joretha N. Bourjolly, MSW, PhD
Associate Professor/Clinician Educator
Associate Dean for Inclusion
Tamara Cadet
Tamara J. Cadet, PhD, LICSW, MPH
Associate Professor
Co-Director, PhD in Social Welfare Program
Associate Professor, Penn Dental Medicine
Senior Fellow, Leonard Davis Institute
Senior Fellow, Center for Public Health
Associate Director, Penn Center for Cancer Care Innovation (PC3I) & Director, Program in Community Engagement Innovation, PC3I
Headshot of Dr. Castro Baker
Amy Beth Castro, PhD
Associate Professor
Headshot of Fernando Chang Muy
Fernando Chang-Muy, MA, JD
Lecturer, MSW Program
Jeannine Cicco Barker
Jeannine Cicco Barker, PsyD
Lecturer, MSW Program
Beth Clauss
Beth Clauss, MSW, LCSW
Lecturer, MSW Program
Ram Cnaan
Ram Cnaan, MSW, PhD
Program Director, Program for Religion and Social Policy Research
Faculty Director, Goldring Reentry Initiative
Headshot of Dr. Jacqueline Corcoran
Jacqueline Corcoran, PhD
Director, Doctorate in Clinical Social Work Program
Dennis Culhane
Dennis P. Culhane, PhD
Dana and Andrew Stone Chair in Social Policy
Co-Principal Investigator, Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy
Headshot of Matt Ditty
Matthew Ditty, MSW, DSW, LCSW
Lecturer, MSW Program
Meredith Doherty
Meredith Doherty, PhD, LCSW
Assistant Professor
Thomas Duffin Headshot
Tom Duffin, PhD, MS, MLSP
Lecturer, MSW Program
Lecturer, MSSP Program
Lecturer, NPL Program