Areas of research

Climate Inequality

SP2 faculty demonstrate the School’s understanding of the climate crisis as a significant social justice issue, brought on by structural oppression, resulting in human vulnerabilities and inequities. They are committed to addressing climate justice through mitigation, anticipation, adaptation, and community action.

R. Jisung Park


R. Jisung Park, PhD

Assistant Professor; PhD, Harvard University. Environmental economics; labor economics; climate change; economic inequality; policy evaluation.

Alice Xu


Alice Xu, PhD

Assistant Professor; PhD, Harvard University. Inequality and social policy, urban and distributive politics, environmental politics, quantitative and spatial methods, Latin America, Global South.

Chenyi Ma


Chenyi Ma, MSW, PhD

Research Assistant Professor; PhD, University of Pennsylvania. Social epidemiology, disaster vulnerability and urban resilience.

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While the move away from fossil fuels has created an increase in available “green” jobs, the transition may also “exacerbate trends in labor market inequality,” according to a new study coauthored by Dr. R. Jisung Park, an assistant professor at SP2 with a secondary appointment at the Wharton School.