Add to your social policy studies

The MSSP dual degree options offer exciting transdisciplinary opportunities for social policy students in the full-time program. You will work closely with your academic advisors in both degree programs to determine an individual courses of study. In all situations, separate applications are required for each degree program.

MSSP+DA and part-time students are not eligible to complete a dual degree.

Dual degree students who are receiving an SP2 grant will receive their award as stipulated in their admissions decision letter, throughout their time in the MSSP program. Awards are distributed on a pro-rated basis in each term for each course that a student takes towards the MSSP degree. Awards will be applied to courses that a student takes in the other degree program, provided that the course is fulfilling an MSSP program requirement, and regardless of whether SP2 is the Home School in that term. You must work closely with your academic advisor in order to ensure that the SP2 Office of Financial Aid is apprised of your course of study in order to correctly disburse awards each term.