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Elizabeth Abel
Elizabeth Abel, MS'13
Lecturer, NPL Program
Millan AbiNader, LMSW, PhD
Millan AbiNader, LMSW, PhD
Assistant Professor
Headshot of Jane Abrams
Jane Abrams, DSW, LCSW
Lecturer, DSW Program
Lecturer, MSW Program
Mina Addo
Mina Addo, PhD, MS
Graduate, PhD in Social Welfare
Ginneh Akbar
Ginneh Akbar, MSW, DSW
Lecturer, MSW Program
Samira Ali, PhD
Graduate, PhD in Social Welfare
David Allegretti
David Allegretti
IT Director
Valerie Dorsey Allen
Valerie Dorsey Allen, MSW, DSW
Lecturer, MSW Program
Gina Amoroso-Latta
Gina Amoroso-Latta, MSEd
Lecturer, MSSP Program
Headshot of Seongho An
Seongho An, PhD, MSW
Graduate, PhD in Social Welfare
Kelly Andrews
Kelly J. Andrews, MLA
Director, Knowledge Management and Marketing, Center for High Impact Philanthropy
Headshot of Obed Arango
Obed Arango, MSSP
Lecturer, MSW Program
Mary Archer 1
Mary Archer, MSW
Program Director, Goldring Reentry Initiative
Nicole Auge 1
Nicole Auge, MS
Director of Instructional Design and Educational Technology
Brittney Autry Cole
Brittney Autry Cole, MS, MSW, LCSW
Student, Doctorate in Clinical Social Work
Sara S. Bachman, Dean of School of Social Policy & Practice at the University of Pennsylvania
Sara S. Bachman, PhD
Brooke Bakan
Brooke Bakan, MSEd
Coordinator, Online MS in Nonprofit Leadership Program
Headshot of Laura Baldasarre
Laura Baldasarre, MSEd
Associate Director of Web Services & Communications
Edward Ballo
Edward Ballo, DSW, LCSW, MBA
Lecturer, MSW Program
Katie Barghaus
Katie Barghaus, PhD
Researcher, Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy