Yoosun Park

Yoosun Park, MSW, PhD

  • Associate Professor
  • Co-Director, PhD in Social Welfare Program
  • Research Interests

    Critical history of social work

    Historical and contemporary immigration

    Discourse Analysis

    Critical theories and methodologies for social work research and education

    Yoosun Park, MSW, PhD is a theory-drive scholar whose research and pedagogy are predicated on the belief that social work’s commitment to social justice requires not only a diversity of social identities but of perspective on and approach to knowledge-building. To this end, she has built an interdisciplinary and non-traditional body of scholarship that utilizes critical theories and methodologies to significantly extend the borders of social work knowledge. Framed within the broad substantive area of critical discourse studies, she has pursued two distinct but overlapping lines of inquiry that interrogate and elucidate each other: 1) an interrogation of social work’s history with racialized populations (particularly immigrants and immigration) and the processes of racialization; and 2) the study of the ways in which that history manifests in social work research, education, and practice today. As required readings in a variety of courses across schools of social work in the United States and abroad, Dr. Park’s award-winning scholarship informs the education of the next generation of social work practitioners and researchers.



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    Research Areas(s)

    Identity, Immigration, Racism