What will the interview be like?

The Reconceptualizing Gender & Health interview is an informal, guided conversation with a member of our team about your gender experiences and how you think they have affected your health. You decide what specific information you want to share and how you want to tell your story! We are interested in talking with folks of all genders and all health experiences. The length of the interview will depend on how much information you want to share and the amount of time you have. They average about 1 to 1-1/2 hours. The interviews are done on zoom or the phone, at a time that’s convenient for you. We can provide assistive support, including ASL interpreters. You will receive a $100 gift card for your time and be offered a transcript of the interview.

What’s a collective dialogue memo?

RGH Vignette Project: Open to all who are interested

The RGH Vignette Project aims to bring more voices and experiences into our understandings of gender and health. Twice a month we send out a newsletter with a vignette from one of our in-depth interviews and we’re looking to you to help make sense of these experiences! You can send us your comments and experiences with text or a voice memo.

You can enter a drawing for a $50 visa gift card each time you participate and if you share the newsletter with a friend who sends a comment.

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