Headshot of Travis Labrum

Travis Labrum, PhD, MSW

  • Graduate, PhD in Social Welfare
  • Cohort: 2013-2014

    Advisor: Dr. Phyllis Solomon

    Dissertation: Factors Associated with the Occurrence of Family Violence Perpetrated by Persons with Mental Illness: A National Online Survey

    Research Interests

    Caregiving, conflict, and violence in families of persons with major psychiatric disorders

    Elder abuse

    Travis Labrum is a fourth-year student in SP2’s Ph.D. program in Social Welfare. His primary research interest is better understanding the familial relationships of persons with major psychiatric disorders, including the occurrence of family conflict and violence. Prior to entering the Ph.D. program, Travis worked as clinician, clinical supervisor, and field instructor for MSW students at a forensic community-based mental health center. He received his Master of Social Work and Bachelor’s Degrees in Psychology and Gender Studies from the University of Utah.





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