Application Information

To be considered for the dual MSSP/ML degree, candidates may apply to both programs simultaneously or they may apply to one program after admission to and matriculation in the other program (MSSP or ML). Students pursuing the dual degree must adhere to the independent admission processes and policies of both programs.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Students enrolled in the MSSP/ML dual degree will be primary at the school where they begin, either the School of Social Policy & Practice (SP2) or Penn Carey Law, until they complete their primary program at which time they would become primary in their remaining program. If a student applies to and enrolls in both programs simultaneously, the student will be MSSP primary and tuition will be paid to SP2. Financial aid decisions are made independently by each school.

MSSP Internship

The MSSP internship provides an opportunity for students to expand horizons beyond the academic. It serves as an opportunity to integrate the classroom learning and apply research skills, via experiences in policy analysis, policymaking, and/or policy implementation, policy evaluation activities, and/or other policy-related activities. It allows students to gain “real” world experience while providing important networking opportunities.

Proposed Course of Study

1MSSP 6280 (MSSP Core 1)11Fall IFulfills ML cross counting
2MSSP 6300 (MSSP Core 2)1-Fall I
3MSSP 6680 (MSSP Core 3)1-Fall I
4MSSP Theory Elective1-Fall I
5MSSP Outside Elective 1 from Law11Fall ISelected from LAWM 5110, LAWM 5280, or LAWM 5290; Fulfills MSSP Outside Elective
6MSSP 6320/6330 (MSSP Core 4)1-Spring I
7MSSP 8970
(MSSP Core 5)
1-Spring I
8MSSP 6290 (MSSP Core 6)1-Spring I
9MSSP 6310 (MSSP Core 7)11Spring IFulfills ML cross counting
10MSSP Outside Elective 2 from Law11Spring ISelected from LAWM 5110, LAWM 5280, or LAWM 5290; Fulfills MSSP Outside Elective
11LAWM core foundation-1Fall IISelected from LAWM 5110, LAWM 5280, or LAWM 5290
12ML Elective-1Fall II
13JD Upper Level course-1Fall II
14ML Elective or JD course-1Fall II