Application Information

Students should apply for submatriculation by the admissions deadline (December 1 early application deadline or January 15 final application deadline) for the admissions cycle that they hope to begin coursework (e.g., December 1, 2022 early deadline or January 15, 2023 final deadline for August 2023 matriculation).

Submatriculants remain eligible for undergraduate financial aid for the normal eight (8) semesters of the BA program. Submatriculants are not eligible to receive scholarships from SP2 but may apply for federal student financial aid.

Course of Study

An individual plan of study will be prepared and agreed upon by the appropriate College advisor and SP2 to assure the integrity of both degree programs.

BA/MSSP General Program of Study

This represents a sample course grid. Each student will meet with the MSSP Administrative Director to create an individually designed course schedule.

Senior Year: FallSenior Year: Spring
MSSP 6280: Policy Analysis of Issues, Strategy and ProcessMSSP 6310: Law & Social Policy
MSSP 6300: Quantitative ReasoningMSSP 8970: Applied Linear Modeling
MSSP 6320: Capstone Seminar I: Policy Communication (0.5 cu)
MSSP 6330: Capstone Seminar II: Policy Internship (0.5 cu)
Fifth Year: Fall
MSSP 6290: Research and Evaluation Design
MSSP 6680: Economics for Social Policy
MSSP Theory Elective
MSSP Elective
MSSP Elective

*Any 2 to 4 courses within the MSSP program may be used toward the undergraduate degree in the School of Arts and Sciences (with the approval of the undergraduate Advisor).