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Three NPL students work at a classroom table
SP2 Nonprofit Leadership Program and Bonner Foundation partner to increase educational access
Round headshots of SP2 faculty appear on a white background
SP2 researchers recognized at Society for Social Work and Research conference
John L. Jackson, Jr.
Former SP2 dean John L. Jackson, Jr. named Penn’s next provost
Jisung Park
Climate inequality scholar Jisung Park joins SP2's standing faculty
Yoosun Park headhot, landscape view
SP2's Yoosun Park awarded 2023 Breul Prize for research on intersection of racism, Americanization, and social work
The Penn homepage headline and photo feature SP2's Social Justice Scholars
Penn Today and spotlight SP2's Social Justice Scholars Program
The High Impact Giving Toolkit appears on the screen of a phone placed on top of hard copies of the publication.
CHIP's 2023 High Impact Giving Toolkit supports a more secure future for all
Overhead view of four students outdoors at a table on Penn's campus
A more equitable society starts with social justice
Dean Bachman and Drs. Tamara Cadet and Barbara Jones stand together smiling.
National conferences highlight SP2 faculty and researchers