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The Wait is Over: Schaye Café and Student Center Up and Running

Authored by: Jessica Bautista

Student Life


Making the world a better place is no small feat. It demands long hours of education, research, social innovation – something with which our SP2ers are familiar. But with all that hard work around the clock, it’s only natural that our everyday heroes need an occasional break and bite to eat.

That’s why the School’s administration is happy to announce that the newly renovated Schaye Café and Student Center in the Caster Building is up and running again and has been a hit since reopening this semester.

Four years ago, the Class of 2011 and SP2 Board Overseer Margie Gordon Schaye generously funded the creation of the original café. After this winter’s massive overhaul, the café now serves as a high-end, canteen-style vending market. The self-serve market features a full selection of hot and cold beverages, and a wide array of snacks and healthy food options such as yogurt, salads, Lean Cuisines, and Panera Bread soups.

More than just a lunchtime convenience, the café has also revitalized the space and social interactions of those using it. With an eight-foot entry arch from the lobby into the market area, the café has enhanced the aesthetic, functionality, and community feel of the Caster Building.

Most recently, a few additions have been made to the mini-market, including a work station, a bar-high counter, seating and bulletin board.

But, do the students like it? All signs point to yes. In addition to the positive buzz surrounding the new space, there is some hard evidence – recently, the vendor that monitors the café said it was generating more income than any other on campus.

You can learn more about the café’s micro-market concept here.