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SP2’s Center for Mental Health & Aging launches new study, examines ‘Successful and Productive Aging’

Dr. Zvi Gellis teaches a class

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Zvi Gellis, PhD, director of the School of Social Policy & Practice’s Center for Mental Health & Aging (CMHA), recently launched a new research study titled: “Predictors of Successful Aging” in collaboration with Temple University’s Bernard Osher Foundation Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI). 

In this study, CMHA will examine the concept of “Successful Aging” in a cohort of members from OLLI, a learning academy geared towards retirees interested in pursuing higher education without the traditional academic requirements.

“Human lifespan has seen a doubling over the past five decades. It is the coming silver tsunami. In the United States, there are 44 million individuals over the age of 65, and by 2025 that number is expected to increase to 72 million,” Gellis said. “As a result, the systematic study of ‘Successful and Productive Aging,’ defined as the capacity of older adults to thrive, has recently seen increased attention.”

More than 200 OLLI older participants will be surveyed for the study. CMHA expects the survey data will help generate new knowledge on critical factors that may promote successful aging.

The study will specifically explore resilience, hardiness, problem solving, self-efficacy, and spirituality factors that have received little attention but may be integral to successful aging trajectories in the older US population.

CMHA is a national leader in the aging field shaping solutions to promote effective integrated service delivery models in partnership with health and social service agencies. CMHA conducts research, demonstration projects, and clinical training across the nation to address the health/mental health needs of older adults, family caregivers, and communities.