SP2 ranked #8 among Schools for Social Work
by U.S. News & World Report
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“My undergraduate work was in legal studies, which takes a punitive approach to societal challenges. I’m much more interested in figuring out how I can help people. I view my role as a social worker through a lens of empowerment and strengthening.”

Tasha Hannah has been a full-time employee at the Department of Human Services (DHS) for 17 years. While earning her MSW, she continued to work for DHS as a life coach in a character enhancement program. In this role, she strives to help at-risk teenage girls embrace their unique characteristics, pursue the highest possible level of education, and become positive and productive members of society. The experience has been life affirming.

“As I educate these young ladies, I find myself learning so much from them,” she said. Ultimately, Hannah hopes to work in a therapeutic setting where she can help child trauma victims avoid entering the system.