MS in Social Policy

The Master of Social Work/Master of Science in Social Policy (MSW/MSSP) dual degree program prepares graduates for leadership positions in government, philanthropic foundations, research institutes, nonprofit and non-governmental organizations, and other related settings. It is open to students in both the clinical and macro concentrations in the MSW program.

Course of Study

This dual degree program allows students to complete both MSW and MSSP degrees in 22 courses. On its own, the MSW is a 16 CU degree, consisting of 11 required courses and 5 electives. On its own, the MSSP is a 10 CU program, consisting of 7 required courses and three electives (one of which must be an MSSP theory elective). When students complete the MSW/MSSP dual-degree, up to four courses are cross-counted between the two degrees. Depending on course scheduling, students may be able to complete both degrees in two academic years and two summers. However, it is common for students to need five or six semesters (not including summers) to complete the dual degree requirements. Ideally, students will apply to the MSW and MSSP degree at the same time, but students may also apply to the MSSP program during their first year in the MSW program.

Students work with their academic advisors in the MSW and MSSP programs to individualize their course of study, but the following four courses have been pre-approved for cross-counting and represent the standard course of study:

  • MSSP 6310: Law and Social Policy (fulfills SWRK Policy Option)
  • MSSP 8970: Applied Linear Modeling OR MSSP 6300: Quantitative Reasoning (fulfills SWRK Research Option)
  • MSSP 6680: Economics for Social Policy (fulfills SWRK Elective)
  • Elective in SWRK or other department (fulfills SWRK and MSSP Elective, with approval from both MSW and MSSP advisors)

Students complete the following 22 courses: (1) SWRK 6010, (2) SWRK 6020, (3) SWRK 6030, (4) SWRK 6040, (5) SWRK 6140, (6) SWRK 6150, (7) SWRK 7040 or 7080, (8) SWRK 7140 or 7180, (9) SWRK 7130, (10) MSSP 6280, (11) MSSP 6290, (12) MSSP 6300, (13) MSSP 6310, (14) MSSP 6320 (.5 CU) and MSSP 6330 (.5 CU), (15) MSSP 6680, (16) MSSP 8970, and (17-22) six electives (one of which must be an MSSP theory elective).

Students in the MSW clinical concentration must take SWRK 7600 as one of their electives.

The table below represents the course of study for students who wish to complete the degree in two academic years and two summers, provided they wish to take five courses per semester in their second year and provided scheduling of classes and field placement permits. It is not always possible to complete the degree in this timeframe; in some circumstances, students may finish the MSW at the end of the second year and the MSSP in the fall or spring of the third year. Students may choose to complete the MSW at the end of the second spring and graduate from the MSSP program the following semester or year.

1SWRK 6010SWRK 6140 + Field SWRK 7xxx: Elective
SWRK 6020SWRK 6150SWRK 7xxx: Elective
SWRK 6030MSSP 6310 (Fulfills MSW Policy Option)SWRK 7xxx: Elective (Fulfills MSSP Elective)
SWRK 6040 + FieldMSSP xxxx: Theory Elective
2SWRK 7040 or 7080 + FieldSWRK 7140 or 7180 + FieldMSSP 6330 (internship)
MSSP 6280SWRK 7130MSSP xxxx: Elective
MSSP 6290MSSP 6320
MSSP 6300 (Fulfills SWRK Research Option)MSSP 8970
MSSP 6680 (Fulfills SWRK Elective)SWRK 7xxx: Practice Elective

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