Course of Study

On its own, the MSW is a sixteen CU degree, consisting of eleven required courses and five electives. On its own, the MS in Criminology is an eight CU degree, consisting of seven required courses and one elective. When students complete the MSW/MS in Criminology dual-degree, up to a total of four courses are cross-counted between the two degrees, enabling students to complete both degrees in twenty CUs. This means that three Criminology courses are applied to the MSW degree and one MSW course is applied to the MS degree. Students may work with their academic advisors in the MSW and Criminology programs to individualize their course of study, but the following courses have been pre-approved for cross-counting and represent the standard course of study:

  • CRIM 6003: Criminal Justice Data Analytics (fulfills SWRK Elective)
  • CRIM 6005: Evidence-Based Crime Prevention (fulfills SWRK Elective)
  • CRIM 5350: Quantitative Methods for Public Policy (fulfills SWRK Research Option)
  • SWRK 7850: Criminal Justice Policies (Fulfills Criminology Elective)

Students in the MSW clinical concentration must take SWRK 7600 as one of their electives.

MSW/Criminology dual-degree students are permitted to take a maximum of three courses outside of the MSW program towards their degree. If students count three Criminology courses towards their MSW degree, their remaining thirteen CUs for the MSW must be courses at SP2.

Sample Course Grid

Students are usually able to complete both the MSW and Criminology degrees in two academic years and one summer, although the ability to do so is dependent on class scheduling and is not guaranteed. Students wishing to follow a different course of study (e.g., extending the program to 2.5 years) should speak with their academic advisors.

Home School: SP2 (Fall & Spring)
CRIM 6000: Proseminar in CriminologyCRIM 6001: Proseminar in Criminal JusticeSWRK 7xxx: MSW Elective #2 (SWRK 7600 if choosing clinical concentration)
SWRK 6010: History and Philosophy of Social Work and Social WelfareSWRK 6140: Foundations of Social Work Practice 2 + FieldSWRK 7xxx: MSW Elective #3
SWRK 6020: Human Behavior in the Social EnvironmentSWRK 6150: Intro to Social Work Research
SWRK 6030: American RacismSWRK 7850: Criminal Justice Policy (MSW Policy Option/CRIM Elective)
SWRK 6040 + Field: Foundation of Social Work Practice ISWRK 7xxx: Elective #1
Home School: Criminology (Fall) & SP2 (Spring)
SWRK 7040 or 7080: Clinical/Macro Social Work Practice + FieldSWRK 7140/7180: Clinical Macro Social Work Practice II + Field
CRIM 6005: Evidence-Based Crime Prevention (Fulfills MSW Elective #4)SWRK 7130: Understanding Social Change
CRIM 6002: Criminal Justice Data AnalyticsCRIM 6003: Research Methods/Crime Analysis (Fulfills SWRK Elective #5)
CRIM 5350: Quantitative Methods for Public Policy (Fulfills SWRK Research Option)CRIM xxxx (formerly CRIM 604)
CRIM xxxx (formerly CRIM 604)

Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition and financial aid is charged and disbursed depending on a student’s Home School for each semester. In the course grid above, the Home School is SP2 for Year 1 (Fall & Spring) and Year 2 Spring; in the Year 2 Fall, the Home School is Criminology. During the summer sessions, tuition is paid to the department offering the course.

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