BACHELOR OF ARTSMaster of Social Work

The Bachelor of Arts and Master of Social Work Degree Program (submatriculation) at the School of Social Policy & Practice (SP2) is an exciting option available to committed, exceptional students in the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania who want the challenge of working directly with clients or with community-based social service organizations as they earn a BA and MSW in 5 years of study. In their senior year, students are placed 2 days a week in educational field work in a wide range of social agencies that address a variety of social problems and attend classes 3 days a week. Senior year field work, which corresponds with SWRK 6040/6140, is completed between September and the end of June. The MSW educational plan developed for these students allows them to fulfill their undergraduate requirements by the end of their senior year. Advanced master’s level courses round out the MSW degree program in the fifth year.

Requirements for the BA/MSW degree program include:

  • third-year undergraduate student status;
  • GPA of 3.2 or above; and
  • work or volunteer experience in some area of social service.

Attainment of the bachelor’s degree is necessary before entering the fifth year of the program.

Application Information

Students should apply for submatriculation by May 1st of their sophomore year.

Students may apply for School of Social Policy & Practice tuition assistance for the fifth year of study.

Course of Study

An individual plan of study agreed upon by the undergraduate department and SP2 ensures the integrity of both degree programs. 

BA/MSW General Program of Study

This represents a sample course grid. Each student will meet with the Administrative Director of the MSW Program to create an individually designed course schedule.

Junior Year: FallJunior Year: Spring
SWRK 6010: History and Philosophy of Social Work and Social WelfareSWRK 7xxx: Policy Option
SWRK 6020: Human Behavior in the Social EnvironmentSWRK 6150: Introduction to Social Work Research
Regular undergraduate coursesRegular undergraduate courses
Senior Year: FallSenior Year: Spring
SWRK 6030: American Racism and Social Work PracticeSWRK 7xxx: Non-practice Elective
SWRK 6040: Foundations of Social Work and Practice and FieldSWRK 6140: Social Work Practice and Field
Regular undergraduate classesRegular undergraduate classes
Fifth Year: FallFifth Year: Spring
SWRK 7040 or SWRK 7080: Advanced Clinical or Macro Social Work Practice and FieldSWRK 7140 or SWRK 7180: Advanced Clinical or Macro Social Work Practice and Field
SWRK 7xxx: ElectiveSWRK 7xxx: Research Option
SWRK 7xxx: Elective*SWRK 7130: Understanding Social Change: Issues of Race and Gender
SWRK 7xxx: Elective*SWRK 7xxx: Elective*