Sen. Casey pushes to end ‘boyfriend loophole’ in domestic abuse bill over NRA objections

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania wants Congress to reauthorize a lapsed law that helps victims of domestic abuse over objections from the National Rifle Association that an added provision could deprive the rights of gun owners.

The added measure closes the “boyfriend loophole” by preventing those convicted of abusing or stalking a current or former dating partner from buying or owning a gun.

Women are more than twice as likely to be shot and killed by a male partner than injured by a stranger, according to Susan Sorenson, a University of Pennsylvania professor whose research focuses on firearms and violence against women.

Sorenson, who was among the panelists who spoke with Casey, said ending the loophole for dating partners is a crucial step toward protecting women, who also die from gun violence at rates higher than other developed countries.