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Thomas Cunningham

  • Associate Director, SP2 Sponsored Research
  • Thomas received a Bachelor of Arts in History from West Chester University. After college Tom tried his hand at many different careers finally landing himself as a post award accountant for the office of research services. Tom quickly fell in love with research administration and continued his post award tenure at ORS until moving to the Special Operations Unit for the School of Medicine in October of 2021. Serving as the backup for administration gaps in the School of Medicine, Tom gained valuable knowledge in taking over complex portfolios and creating long lasting relationships with each of the professors and all department staff he worked with. Tom enjoys working with faculty to give them their time back so they can get back to enjoying what they love to do; this allows Tom to be a small cog in the wheel of research. Tom was thrilled to jump at the opportunity to be a part of a growing SP2 team and to really call a department his home.




    3718 Locust Walk, McNeil Building, 5th Floor
    Philadelphia, PA 19104





    School Administration