Marjan Headshot

Marjan Osman Gartland

  • Chief Creative Officer
  • Marjan Osman Gartland is a creative strategist and trained designer who brings a blend of visual problem-solving, storytelling, and a user-centered mindset to her work. Designers think at a systems level and engage in positive social change to create environments that feel good and therefore do good. Marjan operates within this intersection of creativity and impact. As the inaugural Chief Creative Officer at SP2, Marjan draws upon her experience in creative leadership and engagement, honed during her tenure at University Life at Penn. There, her team led the brand strategy and visual identity of the division, developed comprehensive design procedures, and conducted training sessions to enhance staff proficiency in design principles and tools. Her commitment to continual learning and understanding of community needs guides her project development and implementation process.

    Marjan is a member of the professional association for design, AIGA, and considers professional development a cornerstone for knowledge sharing and continued growth. She holds a BA in Anthropology and Graphic Design from George Mason University and an MS in Print Design from Jefferson | Philadelphia University. She believes in design’s power to make things better through a collaborative, inclusive approach.







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