Jessica Jacoby

Jessica L. Jacoby, MS

  • Senior Research Coordinator, Center for Guaranteed Income Research
  • Jessica Jacoby is a medical anthropologist and Senior Research Coordinator at the Center for Guaranteed Income Research. She obtained her Master of Science in Medical Anthropology from the University of Edinburgh, where she studied structural inequality, systemic violence, and unequal access to healthcare for marginalized and underserved populations in America.

    Jessica works on several research projects evaluating, developing, and implementing social needs interventions for those struggling with financial toxicity, the adverse health effects associated with cancer-related financial hardship. Financial toxicity can affect anyone, but women, people of color, and low-income families experience financial hardship more often and with greater severity. She is particularly excited about the Guaranteed Income and Financial Treatment Trial (GIFTT), a mixed-method, community-engaged research project that will study the effects of guaranteed income on this population.

    When not working, Jessica can be found with her close family and friends. An animal lover, she has two dogs and one snake, and is always fighting the urge to adopt more. When out and about she will likely have her senior chihuahua Briar by her side, or in her bag.



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