Candice Player

Candice T. Player, JD, PhD, MPhil

  • Senior Fellow
  • Vice President of Advocacy, Public Policy and Street Outreach, Project HOME
  • Research Interests


    Housing policy

    Mental health law


    Candice Player joined Project HOME in July 2019. In her role as the Vice President of Advocacy, Public Policy and Street Outreach, Player provides mission-focused leadership for our street outreach programs. Through the Outreach Coordination Center, the Hub of Hope and the Ambassadors of Hope, Outreach engages individuals who are living on the streets of Philadelphia and provides vital linkages to housing, health care, food, clothing, meals, and other necessities. In this role, Player also leads the Advocacy Department with a focus on removing systemic barriers to exiting homelessness.

    Prior to joining Project HOME, Player was an Associate Professor of Law at Northwestern Law School, where she taught classes on health law, health policy, mental health law, torts, and bioethics. Player holds an AB from Harvard College, a JD from Harvard Law School, and a PhD in Ethics and Health Policy from Harvard University. In 2003, Player received an MPhil in Criminology from the University of Cambridge. Player is an expert on the law and ethics of civil commitment. Her thought-provoking articles have appeared in publications including The Sanford Law & Policy Review, The International Journal of Law & Psychiatry, and The Rutgers Law Review. Player is a licensed attorney and a member of the New York Bar.








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