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NPL Student in HuffPo: ‘Let’s Challenge Each Other to Diverse Exposure’

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In a recent Huffington Post opinion piece, NPL student Sophie Beren encourages individuals to foster openness and embrace differences in beliefs, especially on social media. Read an except below:

“I realized that social media are oftentimes polarizing. Social media are a vehicle through which most of us re-inculcate ourselves with the same ideologies every day. Right now, as you are scrolling down your newsfeeds, you might not even realize, but you are internalizing, and sometimes adopting, everything you read and “like.” With this in mind, I decided that this could be the start of something new.

“I began to follow people, organizations, and institutions on social media that reflected those opposite views. I followed a multitude of publications, news outlets, and public figures with an agenda ― most of which differed from views that I hold. If anything, you learn and foster a sense of openness.”

Read the full Huffington Post article here.