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A Message of Support to Students, Staff, and Faculty

Black Lives Matter sign

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The School of Social Policy & Practice and its administration supports our students, staff, and faculty as they exercise their first amendment rights and engage in ongoing protests and demonstrations against racism. We are proud of you. We are not just behind you, but we stand with you.

As demonstrations continue to swell in all 50 states, and in cities around the world, we encourage you to have a phone number of legal counsel written on your hands in indelible ink, should you be arrested. Do keep in touch (contact SP2SUPPORTCENTER@LISTS.UPENN.EDU) and tell us how we can further provide support to you in these crucial actions.

Up Against the Law Collective

For those who might not have access to legal aid in the Philadelphia area, SP2 faculty member TJ Ghose suggests noting the following information:

The Up Against the Law Collective will provide pro bono legal representation for those arrested in these demonstrations. Up Against the Law is a pro bono legal defense team, consisting of several top-notch trial attorneys, being formed to represent anyone and everyone’s rights to assemble, speak, and petition. If needed, please contact them at 484-758-0388 or contact Michael Coard, Esquire at

To defray costs for this collective, we encourage SP2 community members to donate on Venmo to: @upagainstthelaw

Support Center

SP2 is also organizing a Support Center for protesters and others who are in need of information, resources, or a space to express and process the complexities of the moment. To learn how to participate and stay up-to-date on additional information and organized activities, please follow SP2 on Facebook and Twitter @PennSP2.

Make no mistake, we unequivocally demand liberty and justice for all, most especially for our Black and Brown communities across the country and around the world, in the battle against White supremacy, settler colonialism, anti-Black and Brown violence, neo-fascist administrations, the extractive and exploitative forces of neoliberal capitalism, the carceral state and mass incarceration, police brutality, the militarization of the police, systemic racism, and rampant social inequity.

We see your endless efforts in our School, in our city, in our country, and globally. We are committed to working together to build hope for the future and toward shaping our radically different futures. We must keep learning from one another. We can and will do more as educators, researchers, organizers, activists, and compassionate humans in this battle. We will take care of one another. We will overcome this adversity.

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