John Fantuzzo

John W. Fantuzzo, PhD

  • Co-Founder, Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy
  • John Fantuzzo, PhD, is the Albert M. Greenfield Emeritus Professor of Human Relations at the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania and Co-founder and Faculty Director Emeritus of AISP. His research has focused on early childhood risk, early childhood education, child maltreatment, and family violence.

    Fantuzzo serves on the editorial boards of several major research journals in education and early childhood (e.g., Journal of Educational Psychology, Early Childhood Research Quarterly, and School Psychology Review) and is a recent recipient of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Involvement and the National Head Start Research Mentor awards. His work with the City of Philadelphia and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to create the Kids Integrated Data System (KIDS) led him to become a strong supporter of integrated data as a vehicle to more effective early childhood policy and programs. John retired from teaching in 2020 after more than three decades at Penn during which time he served as a mentor and advisor to countless students, many of whom are now leading their own integrated data systems. He now serves as a consultant and advisor to the Faculty Director and AISP team.





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